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What about all that soap?

Well, firstly, your car is bathed in some of the finest car wash soaps in our industry. Every product is environmentally safe and in no way will harm the clear coat finish. Each and every product we use at Waterways Car Spa undergoes tests by the manufacturer for safety & performance. And remember, we only use environmentally safe products so we don’t hurt any of the local wildlife.

Service with a smile :)

This is what sets us apart from the rest. At Waterways Car Spa you’ll find some great people that really care about you and your vehicle. Each Service Providers is well trained and will treat your car as though it were their own. Service with a smile, that’s the Waterways way.

Those little extras...

They say, “It’s all in the details.” And at Waterways Car Spa we offer several extra service options that can better clean and protect your vehicle in those little hard to reach areas. You know where they are: between the seats, under the mats and those nice but difficult aluminum wheels!

... and …

Whether it’s an Express Detail Service or an automated option in the car wash tunnel, all of our extra services are safe for your new vehicle. And if you have questions about an extra service, no problem. Our knowledgeable Service Providers and Managers can answer most of your car care questions. Each of our Service Providers is well trained to understand the needs of your vehicle.

How do I save money?

The best way to save money is simple. Buy 4 washes and get 1 FREE! Life just doesn’t get any better! And for those who love our extra service options, all Wash-Book Tickets can be upgraded at great savings.

OK, let’s recap. How do you save money?

Simple, Buy Four Washes and Get One Free!

Makes “cents” to me...

Talk is Cheap.

We back up all these promises with a simple guarantee. You must be satisfied or we will rewash your car absolutely free. Our goal is to make you happy and keep you coming back for more fun and foam.

Most of all, let us worry about keeping your new vehicle looking great!

We want your opinions and feedback.

So look around and tell us how we’re doing.

Waterways Car Spa

A Better Way to a Cleaner Car!

Tough Decisions!

Hey, figuring out where to wash your car is a tough decision! Everyone loves their car and taking care of it properly is an important part of good vehicle maintenance. Keeping your shiny little baby looking new is why we are here. That’s all we do... Naturally you’ll have a few questions regarding your vehicle’s cleaning needs. And we’ll do our best to answer your questions professionally and in the best interest of your vehicle. That’s a promise!

Is the Car Wash Safe?

You bet! First of all, our car wash is brushless. We feature soft non-abrasive shammy cloth material which is approved by the Automobile Manufacturers Association. This material will not scratch, damage or discolor any of the new delicate finishes. Plus, all of this cloth material is constantly being rinsed with fresh soapy water.